Saturday, December 27, 2014

December 2014 RS VT Handouts

You could say that I have been a huge slacker, but I really have wanted to create these and post all kinds of "stuff" that's been going on in our lives. I do know that you wouldn't want to hear about my food poisoning and ill / down times. This seems to happen a lot during the winter and the summer and just about all year long. ;0) I tried to pick one, but it's too difficult to choose. The summer has its heat and blazing sun, which both drain the energy like a Flowbe sucking up my hair as a child. Then, the winter has its bitter down to the marrow of my bones cold that causes the aching, creaking, and swelling to flare. Oh, and then there's stress... but I won't go off on that one. Let's get back on topic instead!

Here are two December handouts. There's nothing like procrastination! And for you procrastinators out there, Procrastinators UNITE!! (There should be some kind of He-man or She-ra power surge when I say that!) Here are the VT handouts that are perfect for my Procrasty-friends:

I really hope these help! Thanks for letting me share these with y'all!

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