Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wheat Free Life by Michelle Badger

I love checking the mail and finding packages that are addressed to me. It doesn't matter that I ordered and paid for them. It's like Christmas --- or my birthday! I get to unwrap a special item.

The newest of my presents to myself is also a wonderful addition to my cookbook library:

Wheat Free Life by Michelle Badger

I have merely glanced in it, but I came across some really exciting new recipes. Plus, it includes an inspiring story which is pushing me to change my cooking / eating habits. Oh, and she includes the shopping lists too! How sweet is that?

I am so excited and I will definitely add more as I test the recipes in it! I can't wait.

Thanks Michelle, for the time, effort, energy, and love that you put into making this book in order to help people like me!

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