Saturday, May 17, 2014

Addie's Angels

My daughter, Sissy, and I had the most blessed opportunity to meet another little girl named Addison and her grandfather at Chick-fil-a today. This beautiful little girl is only four years old right now, but boy is she mature! Her golden curly locks reminded me of my niece's hair.

Sissy asked Addison's grandpa what happened to her arm because, you see, as he so eloquently stated, "She was born without it. God made her special." And that he did! Her "difference" definitely doesn't slow her down. 

Can you believe it?!? We met THE Addie from Addie's Angels (facebook or website).

What an honor! She is radiant just as I would imagine an angel would be! If you are searching for a cause to donate towards, this young lady and her family are reaching out in order to help others with similar situations. Their facebook description states:

"Non-profit organization benefiting children who have lost the use of one or more limbs, or have limb abnormalities. Addie's Angels is maintained by Bill & Amiee Gallagher, and was named for their daughter, Addison Claire Gallagher."

If I remember correctly, Addie is in the process of being fitted for an electronic arm and hand! How awesome that will be for her. 

I do hope that she remembers these few things:
* God may have "made her special", but she's no different from you and me.
* She is in a position where she and her family have helped and will help more people than they will EVER know.
* She is a daughter of an awesome and almighty God and He is King, which makes her a Princess!

I am truly grateful that I was blessed by this chance meeting! Had I been on time to meet with my friend, I probably would've missed this opportunity (1 point for procrastinating). 

Addison Gallagher, her family, and all of God's Angels aka Addie's Angels from this point forward will be in my prayers.

I hope we meet again Addison and Grandpa!

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