Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

I wanted to do something nice for my VT ladies on Mother's Day. Simply because mothers don't really get vacations or time off. Sundays are hectic days for those of us who forget to use Saturdays as the "day we get ready for Sunday". So to help tomorrow, which is Mother's Day as well as a Sunday, be a little less hectic, I chose to try this simple idea I found on Pinterest:
She even offers the printable for FREE!!
I completely forgot to get cups and napkins, but I went with plates, bowls, spoons, and forks. Plus, the ribbon is adorable, but my plates and bowls don't match so the coordinating ribbon was out of the question. Generic Ziploc bags saved the day! The larger bag is the gallon size and the smaller silverware bags are the snack size. I would love to have had cellophane or saran wrap with which to wrap it up. Anyway, here's my version:

I hope these help my ladies and give you an idea for your friends, neighbors, or VT ladies. It's a quick and easy gift idea. You might even have these items in your pantry already!

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