Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Ninja! I just love the word ninjas. Nin-jahhhhh-s. If you say it enough, it sounds funny. Every time I hear or say ninja, I think of the "Ask a Ninja" website ( My wonderful hubster introduced me to years and years ago. Yes, we are still together. ;) It's actually rather funny once you get past the stupidity and lameness. Heehee.

Okay. Okay.... back on topic.

I am currently in the process (it's gonna be a looooooong process) of switching my diet, snacking habits, and food preparation methods. I have many health "issues" --- Girl, I have so many issues, I need a magazine rack! --- Please excuse the outburst. My brain does that pretty often.

So, yes, I have many health.... problems (oooh, I just had another one -- I have so many problems, I need a chalkboard! Get it?!? Math problems - chalkboard!! Hehehehehe!) Okay that was the last one, promise (at least the last one I will admit to... Let's just jump to the next sentence... One of which is Systemic Lupus Erythematasus (SLE) or most commonly called Lupus. The Lupus attacks my organs - mainly my liver and spleen. So, now that half of my life is already over I've decided to do things right.

I haven't decided exactly what my "diet" will be, but I will most likely combine multiple diets and create my own. I'm just unique like that. I'm interested in vegan, but I will probably end up more of a semi- or non-traditional vegetarian.

Anyway, all of this blabbing was just supposed to say that I will be posting more recipes, but they will fall along the same lines as the Smashed Chickpea and Avocado Sandwich, smoothies, and juicing. I'm looking for yummy (not exotic or strange) meals and recipes that are easily digestible, easily made, and delicious. I'm also going to try to have at least one liquid-like (soup, juice, smoothie) meal a day.

For the rest of this week, my breakfasts will be as follows:

Wednesday  - Blackberry Burst 
Thursday     - Blackberry Burst version 2  (added on to the above post)
Friday          - Berry Banana Twist Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie (2 diff. versions)
Saturday      - Blueberry Blast
Sunday        - Stravocadenerry Smoothie (I made up the name and recipe, can you tell?)

I'm a fruit person if you haven't noticed. I really need to mix it up and throw some veggies in there too.

(These recipes are either tweaked from or curtesy of, the Ninja Recipe book, and my Ninja Pro System 1100 that my hubster gave me for Christmas. [I do not receive any compensation for my thoughts and musings].) 

I can't wait! Check out the following posts for more about these smoothies!

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