Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Stravocadanerry Smoothie

Okay, okay. Lame name. I couldn't find one that sounded decent enough but also described the smoothie. I made this one up. I have the "little of this; little of that" in my blood so if I am not sure about the exact measurements, I'll put an approximation in parenthesis.

So this smoothie is my daughter's favorite so far, but it did not hit the hubster's top list at all.

I rather like it. I'll let you decide for yourself. Here's the recipe:

Stravocadanerry or Straw-vocad-ann-erry Smoothie

1 original Yoplait yogurt, strawberry
1 large banana
1/2 an avocado
(1 cup) of fresh blueberries
a large handful of frozen strawberries
(1/2-1 cup) white grape juice

Blend it ALL up together. Yuuuuummmmmy!

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