Thursday, February 16, 2012

Salad in a Jar

Sweet Pea's Salad in a Jar:

I am so excited that my Salad in a Jar worked! I made a taco salad for Hubster to take to work with him. All of the men at the station were intrigued and jealous! It looked so nice and scrumptious that a couple of the guys went to the local grocery store to get themselves the ingredients to make them one!

Hubby said the salad was crisp and fresh tasting. The only thing I'll do differently is a suggestion from my lil' sister. Hubster has a hard time remembering to return the dishes, plus I'm afraid of my beautiful glass jars being broken, and I wont make the kiddos one like that for the same reason. Sooooo, my brilliant little sister said to use peanut butter jars! They are plastic, still see-through, and it doesn't matter if they are dropped or if I don't get them back (but I won't tell Hubster that last part!)

Okay, so here it is! Thanks to Sweet Pea with her Newlyweds Blog I found on Pinterest:

Taco Salad in a Jar:

Ta-da!! Love it; love it; love it!! Can you tell which is for me and which is for Hubby? Check the amounts of lettuce vs beef. Now can you tell?
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