Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Mini Won Ton "Cup"

I have been on this kick of using won ton wrappers lately! Love them. You can make little mini cups, large cups, chips, pockets, etc. I've done lasagna cups, taco cups, southwestern cups, and more. This little "recipe" is nothing more than a combo of ingredients I had on hand.

 Nasoya is the brand of won ton wraps at the local Walmart. Their webpage has a ton of recipes using their products including the wraps. One of my favorites to make at home is the Crab Rangoon.

Ok, on to the Mini Won Ton Cup Recipe (for lack of a better name -- I'm all for suggestions).
First, dice / mince tomatoes and green bell peppers. I really wish I would have had jalapenos on hand to add to this. Feel free to add any other vegetables, colored peppers, or ingredients to enhance the flavors.
Using my Pampered Chef Mini Muffin Tin, I placed the Wonton wrappers over each cup and then used the Mini Tart Shaper to press them into the cups.
I mixed the bell peppers, and tomatoes with the corn.
For the first half of them I placed the corn mixture first then covered it with ground beef and cheese. This was to hide the vegetables because my daughter likes to say she doesnt' like the same veggies she ate the day before.
The second half of them, I mixed everything together (due to laziness and time constraints).
Here are the finished cups. You can tell the difference between the hidden veggies and the others.

Then, I baked them at 350 until the edges were golden brown (sorry, I forgot to time them).
And presto, the beauties are done.
These vary due to on hand ingredients so every time I make them they are different. We also topped them with a dollop of either salsa, thousand island, or ranch dressing.
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