Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Megumi - Covington

This is one of my absolute favorite restaurants!

The employees are very kind and helpful (especially to a very inexperienced customer like me). My first couple of times there they rigged the chopsticks to make them easier for me to use. The waitress said, "like for the children." They are excited to explain the typical culture and the differences in the sushi we eat and the sushi that is eaten in Japan.

The atmosphere is simply relaxing and it completes the essence of the cuisine and dining experience.

See what we ordered and how appetizing it looks, continue reading...

My sister and I visited there yet again tonight. I ordered two (one for now and one for later) Spicy Crunchy Rolls with extra Sriracha sauce (the spicy red sauce).
My sister ordered the Oriental Pho Soup (it was HUGE!) and the Dragon Roll. Oh my goodness were we surprised when they brought her dragon roll out. She collects and adores dragons. Then, out they bring this large plate with a DRAGON roll-- seriously, it was a dragon. The head is formed from wasabi paste!

We then finished off our meal with Azuki dessert. Azuki is a red bean ice cream. That's right! Ice cream made from red bean paste. The same beans that I make red beans and rice with ham and sausage served over rice--- as an ice cream!! The best part is that it's DELICIOUS!
Don't hesitate to try sushi. It's a lot different than most people think. Because of my "invisible disease" and damaged liver, I cannot eat anything raw. The majority of the sushi rolls have absolutely nothing raw in or on them. The ones that do, you can ask them to sear it or take it out.

This restaurant's meals are delightful, astonishing, and simply beautiful displays of edible artwork.

"Food is art. It must first be eaten with the eyes; only then can it be fully appreciated." -Chef Lulu

If you have a Megumi's near you, try it out and let me know what you think!
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