Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Young Women - Personal Progress & "Brittle" Testimonies

I am really excited about tonight. It's my very first night to teach Personal Progress with the Young Women. Everyone is to wear as many items that begin with the lettter "P" to the activity. The one with the most "P" items on will win a Prize - some Peanut Brittle, Pop rocks, and a Pay Day candy bar. We are serving Pizza, discussing testimonies and how important it is to share our testimonies with others.

Then, we will write our testimonies on slips of paper. We will later glue each one inside the front of a Book of Mormon for the girls and the Sister Missionaries to use. The Sister Missionaries will speak with the girls during this time also.

Then, each girl will go home with a bag of Peanut Brittle with a little card attached that reads: Strengthen your "BRITTLE" testimony by continuously working on Personal Progress.

I had fun creating it and coming up with the quote and I wanted to share this with y'all. Download the cards by clicking on this link: Personal Progress & "Brittle" Testimonies
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