Monday, April 14, 2014

You've been EGGED!!!

Well, this is my first official post. I usually type up the post and e-mail it to Beckie.

So, on Pinterest (which I'm a HUGE fan of), I found a post that said:

You've been EGGED!

It was super cute so, I had to make my own. My family was going to 'egg' people's houses today but, alas Mother Nature decided to throw another fit and make it cold and rainy. As soon as we get some houses 'egged' I'll post the pictures.

Back to the pin...I thought it was a super cute idea to 'egg' people's houses during the Easter season and to remind them that Christ is the reason for this season also.

Fab N' Free is where the Pinterest link brought me. I really liked the idea, but decided to make my own sign.

Click the image for the jpg or get the pdf HERE.

What you need to do to 'EGG' someone is take 12 plastic Easter eggs, put candy or a trinket in 11 of them. Keep the 12th empty. Hide them in someone's yard and tape the sign on their door. The 12th egg is empty in order to remind us that Christ's tomb was empty and that He is Risen!

I hope y'all take some time as a family and go 'EGG' some friends or neighbors.

Happy Easter!

~Amanda Storrs

Added 4/15/14:

Here's one of the houses we "Egged"!!

See the hidden eggs? It's still so cold up here that there are no bushes to hide them in, just the bare skeletons of them.
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