Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Football Baby Blanket

We are HUGE football fans. My husband played in High School and College and I wanted to play (but wasn't allowed). Now we both settle for watching the Louisiana teams and cheering for our favorites...the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS, the NSU DEMONS, and the LSU TIGERS.
Here in Illinois, we have a nice little group of people from Louisiana and we get together with them often during Football Season. I decided to make my youngest this blanket and surprise some of our friends with a blanket for their little guy.

I am also adding my own tutorial for the blanket. I hope if you're a football fan like me, you'll enjoy making it as much as I did!

Choose your fabrics wisely. You don't want to make a blanket for a team you don't like rooting for. I've chosen minky brown for one side and an LSU cotton for the other.

You will need:
1 yard of minky or another soft fabric
1 yard Team fabric (can be a heavier fabric than cotton if desired)
1/4 yard of white fleece or another fabric that won't fray
White thread
Brown thread

First, wash your fabrics. You don't want them to shrink on you later.
Next, take your brown fabric and fold it in half. Then in half again.
Cut the fabric in a oval fashion (as if you were going to cut 1/4th of the oval). When you open up the fabric it will make the football shape.
Fold the fabric back up. Fold your other fabric in the same manner. Place brown fabric on top of other fabric with folded edges meeting. Use this as your template to cut the fabric.
Unfold fabrics.
Cut white fabric into laces for the football.
Place on brown fabric and sew down.
Turn brown fabric face down on top of other fabric.
Sew along edges. leave a 6in opening so you can turn the blanket right side out.
'Finish' blanket by sewing edge closed and sewing along edge of the rest of the blanket. This will give it a finished look and close the gap in the fabric.

The tutorial I used for this blanket can be found here:
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