Saturday, December 29, 2012

Tribute to Anna Marie Catoir

As requested, I tried to keep my comments about Anna Marie in the present tense.

I met Anna Marie Catoir and her mother in the waiting room of a local hospital. Right away I noticed Anna Marie is just like her mother, Mary Catoir. She has innate characteristics of selflessness and love. She also has an amazingly peaceful aura. I hope that you will take the time to learn about Anna Marie and read her book, "Mrs. Baker's Ghost".

The rest of this message is from Mary:

Hello everyone, Please take a few minutes and read this email...
Instead of wishing you a Merry Christmas .. I am wishing you an unBIRTHDAY.
What is an unbirthday.. think Winnie the Pooh - Think Anna Marie Catoir.

Well on Anna Marie's birthday she would recycle gifts to others, small items that needed new homes. It was fun and it became a great tradition where she worked and to all her friends. Well, a few days ago was my birthday.. and my UNBirthday gift to my Anna Marie was uploading her first book, Mrs. Baker's Ghost.

Please share this news with your friends and family. Anna Maire was promised to be all ready to go in 2011 but that didn't happen. So here it is now... please help her dream soar to the heaven. Two photos attached.

Mrs. Baker's Ghost is a cozy mystery, it is inspirational with a touch of magic.
All formats for all readers (Kindle, Nook, Apple, Sony etc. and even PDF to read on your computer), available. I am working under the Smashwords (an ebook distributors) umbrella. They are just like Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but their fees are lower. Less middle men if you buy directly from Smashwords. If you do not own a Kindle, Nook, Sony, I phone etc... no problem - it can be downloaded as PDF directly to your computer screen. You can print it off or save it just like any other file. The author's proceeds are going to St. Jude's Cancer Research.

PLEASE if you have enjoyed the book.. go back and write a short review which will hopefully show the next person that this book made an impression on you. Also we are trying to keep comments about Anna Marie in the present tense.

'Anna Marie / I wrote this story and finished it in 2000. My mom swore to me the story was GREAT, entered it in a contest in May of 2012. Pirate's Alley William Faulkner Wisdom Writing Competition. Yes, it was selected as a SHORT LIST FINALIST out of 267 entries. Geez, mom knows best after all. She also did all the typing, (blame any typos on her) copyrights and ISBN work. Don't faint, she even formatted it herself... I can hear her screaming at the computer screen all the way up here. No phone service.' amc

“It was suppose to be at Barnes & Noble ( a retailer) and Amazon (a retailer) on line but they are backlogged plus Christmas, the ebook has been shipped to them - just has not been placed on line yet.” Book updates are subject to processing times at each individual retailer. Smashwords has it NOW, they are the retailer of our choice.
Buy From: $3.99
"You will still enjoy the book no matter who you purchase it from, which on line distributor but currently all formats are available at Smashwords I promise. .. mother of Anna Marie Catoir” - Mary Catoir

"Anna Marie would be so happy, I just wish I could see her face. I know she would love her friends to share in this her first book, even though I am already looking forward to the next one." Mary Catoir.

"Anna Marie's next book, Jayi's Tales is a total mystery, suspenseful and funny.. with a touch of both magic and romance. “Yes, it's longer .. a Cozy mystery, cozy romance and magical. Yes, you will have to wait till 2013 to see what trouble Jayi has gotten herself into.” Mary Catoir
Happy Unbirthday and Good reading in the new year.

Permission give to C/P or forward this announcement. Mary Catoir Anna Marie Catoir
Anna Marie's Corner 8-23-1978 - 12-25-2010
Covington, Louisiana Poet, Author, Mask Makers,
Teacher, Book Reviewer
Currently Mrs. Baker's Ghost $3.99 is available
right now for downloads and gift transfer from
Available in all formats and including PDF for your pc
Mary Catoir

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