Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rattlesnake Bites Recipe

          My sister gave me this recipe and I have finally decided to try it. I have no earthly idea why I waited so long to make these. Maybe it was because subconsciously I knew how difficult it would be to limit my intake of these lumpy looking blobs. I do have to admit that after taste testing the innards of these "bites" before they were stuffed inside the dough, I was unsure how these would actually turn out. I thought that the crescent rolls might demean the flavor of the beef mixture. 
I was so wrong! After baking, it's as though this heavenly mixture is contained in a fluffy envelope.
Where have you been all my life?!?
fluffy cloud like bites of heaven
A shortened version of this description would simply say: You HAVE to try these!
This is the beef mixture! Mmmm...
Oh, my munchkin also wanted to show you how much she liked these, but I withheld that photo. Picture this: she held up her remaining bite, smiled, and when I went to take the picture, she stretched her mouth open as widely as possible. It was very interesting because it was almost as though she had the jaw of a snake. Like the one below from

Here are the changes I made to this recipe: I doubled it, used beef in place of chicken, added 1 can of diced green chilies and 1 can of diced jalapeños, and used 3 cans of crescent rolls.

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