Monday, September 24, 2012

Bangin Good Shrimp from Skinny Taste

This is the kiddie plate of Skinny Taste's Bangin' Good Shrimp at La Mama's Cafe (that's what we always called my mom's kitchen and I've sorta stole the name for mine too)...

I apologize for the coloring in the photos. My computer is broken so I can't use my real camera and the lighting is horrible in my house. It's so yellow! Yuck. I promise these look so much better in person and they taste even better!

Go straight to her site for the recipe.

The only changes I made were because I didn't have some of the ingredients. I didn't have the Thai Sweet Chili sauce so I searched the recipe and found a concoction from someone. They didn't have any amounts or measurements, just ingredients. I had to do some playing around, but it worked out really well! Also, I didn't have the cabbage :( so I just used lettuce. I bet the cabbage spruced it up a bit!
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