Monday, October 3, 2011

Sick Again

I know I've been slacking A LOT on my postings. I've set a goal for myself to increase my postings and I'm definitely going to start today.

My CVS experience was slightly disappointing, but only I am to blame. I searched MoneySavingMom for my CVS deals last night. I was all prepared. This morning I was going to collect all the coupons and head out on my quest to get great deals, lots of stuff, and for little dough. I had a $4 ECB, a $.99 ECB, $2 for pledging to quit being a MoneyTrasher, and $7 back from my Summer Spending.That's $13.99 total!

Then, this morning I woke up with my sinus infection working overtime. I had a sinus headache and felt like crap. No going to the store for me today. Oh crap! The $2 ECB expired TODAY. Ugh! That kills me. Can't waste it. Especially because it was the reward from pledging NOT to waste my ECB! Plus I need medicine for my extremely offensive sinuses.

So my wonderful sisters watched my kiddos so that I could run, but I was on borrowed time because they had to be somewhere shortly so I had to hurry. Shopping for deals and hurrying do not belong together at all. Sooooooooo, to cut this short....

I purchased:
1 St. Ives face scrub (on sale $3.29)
2 (12ct) CVS brand Sinex (B1G1 50% off, $3.99 & $1.99)
1 Coke (had to have my fix) ($1.67)
4 pkgs (3cups ea pkg) ($.25 ea) -- that stupid 75% off buggy they put right when you walk in the doors! Gets me every time.

My total after ECB's and tax was $3.18. Great price for all that stuff, but I didn't get any ECB's back. That's the part that disappointed me so much. Thank goodness I still have a $4 and $.99 ECB left!
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