Thursday, February 6, 2014

Amanda's 30 Random Acts of Kindness

My little sister is always helping me with blog posts and ideas. When she decided to do 30 random acts of kindness leading up to her 30th birthday, she automatically thought of me. I think that should count as one, except that it isn't very random, but it is very kind.

So her first few days were snowed in and she had a little difficulty doing those randomly.

RAK #1 - Shoveled neighbors driveways (somehow they found out or they tried their own RAK and shoveled her driveway the next morning).

RAK #2 - She had a friend that was feeling down about a few things, so she dropped off a surprise on her porch hoping it would help cheer her up. She included the friend's favorite drink and some chocolate peanut butter balls (I'll have to add that recipe later.) Here's a picture of the goods:

RAK #3 - She stopped at a mom & pop doughnut shop, purchased a couple, and then paid for a doughnut for the next two customers and sat down to eat (not knowing the next two would come in while she was still there).

Unsuspecting person #1 was an older lady. When the owner told her the total for her order she was surprised it was so low. He told her someone had paid for a doughnut for her. The lady asked if it was him. He said no and handed her a little card that my sister had made (see below). She was so excited!

Unsuspecting person #2 also thought it was awesome. He stated to the owner that he works at a radio station and said he was going to talk about it on his show that day. Then, he left money to pay for a doughnut for the next person!

Oh, and then, the doughnut shop owner came out and gave her a little heart shaped cake and told her thank you and happy birthday! How sweet is that?

RAK #4, 5, & 6 - For these she stopped at 3 different Redboxes and left a package of popcorn along with a card. How exciting! You go to rent a movie and get a free pack of popcorn too.

RAK #7 - At a bank she left a treat in the tube-y container thing that gets sucked up in the drive-thru (embarrassing that I can't think of what it is actually called).

RAK #8 - She left $1.00 with a card on the security desk at the library: "For a cup of hot cocoa."

RAK #9 - Then, on a stroller in the library she left a couple bucks with a card for the mother to get some ice cream for her child.

Now as sweet as the last two were, I really thought it kind of funny that she left one for hot cocoa and one for ice cream. This isn't a warm southern area either! It's a snowy state! But she assured me that it is warm inside the buildings.

9 down and 21 more to go!

Way to go Lil' Sis! I'll continue to add to these as she "commits" her charitable actions. 

If we all did these for our birthdays, we would have a better community and beyond (I just thought of Toy Story there). Have you done any RAKs lately? Do you have any ideas for my sister to try?

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