Monday, December 2, 2013

December 2013 VT handout

I really enjoyed this quote from this month's Visiting Teaching lesson. As I go through it again, I will find the others that I like and create handouts for them. I actually made two versions of this one because I don't like the first one.

The not so pretty one:

2nd version -- not much better, huh?

to download the .pdf for the above version click HERE

It would have been really pretty, but the colors came out way darker than I wanted. Especially that red. Oh my goodness! What a dummy I am!! (That's not a question.) I JUST remembered that I can lighten the background too. Brilliant! I'll be back later with a lighter version, but I'm not promising it's better and I definitely know it won't hold a candle to the one below.

Now for the... drum roll please....

The really pretty one:

to download this in .pdf version click HERE.

Now that you have seen them both, let me know what you think. Or am I way off base and being too hard on the first one?


Okay, here is a handout with a different quote and it is more Christmas-y. I like the peppermint / candy cane colors in it. They definitely remind me of Christmas. What do you think?

 Download this one's .pdf version HERE.

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