Thursday, August 4, 2011

Five Guys Burgers and Fries - Covington, LA

This is an unofficial article by a self-proclaimed "Food Critic."

     My family and I decided to try one of the new restaurants that has popped up in town. Our choice, as you can tell from the heading, was Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Covington, LA. We found the restaurant to be very noisy with music blaring and a full house of people talking. As we stood in line, which was suprisingly long but not too slow, we realized that this is not a place to dine with our family. The prices are steep and there are no kiddie menus. We have two kids under five who still don't eat very much.
     Never having eaten here, we ordered a regular fry, a cajun fry, two little bacon cheeseburgers dressed (one with jalepenos for me), a little cheeseburger for my four year old and a plain hot dog for my very picky daughter. I thought I would die when the cashier told us our total bill for LUNCH mind you for our small family of four cost $24.51!!! Lunch! Still wanting to see what all the hype was about, got our number, picked a table and waited. The wait was not long at all.
     My husband came to the table with a large and small bag. It seemed as though they scooped a cup of fries, dumped it into the bag, filled the cup again, and put the cup in the bag. There were soooo many fries!!!! The fries were salted to perfection, but they were soggy. The burgers looked huge when I unwrapped the aluminum foil. It was huge. But to my dismay the "huge-ness" was from the toppings: large bun, thickly cut tomatoes and onions, and a chunk of lettuce. The hamburger patty is very flat and didn't even look like it could be a quarter pound. I do love how they are supposed to be "100% fresh beef -- no fillers or preservatives" (taken from their to go menu). The flavor was exactly like a homemade burger (which I absolutely love), the presentation spectacular (which goes a long way), but overall I was not impressed. It probably didn't help all the hype that people gave it because then the expectations are extremely high. We did leave with leftovers.
     My conclusion (along with  my family): Is it a popular place? Very. Was the food good? Decent. Would we eat there again? Not likely.

Now remember, these are my feelings (influenced by my family). This is an unpaid, unedited, and purely personal opinion.
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